Our Philosophy

philosopy bannerDr. Ritwick has found few areas of need in the society as regard to the health of the people in general and cardiac health in particular. After thorough research we concluded that major portion of society lacks the knowledge of advances made in treatment of heart ailments. This on line platform gives an opportunity of discussing issues related to cardiac health, and to resolve queries related to heart surgery. Based on the case history of the patients we would try and give our honest opinion.

We are looking forward to educate the society in following ways:

  • To erase the myths about heart surgery from the mind of common people
  • Cardiac rehabilitation training online for all patients who underwent open heart surgery
  • Education about heart surgery among general population
  • Education for general physicians with regard to heart surgery
  • Provide second opinion online based on medical facts
  • Education of school and college children regarding primary prevention of heart disease.
  • Online discussion forum among various heart specialists to provide treatment for complex heart ailments.

Dr. Ritwick’s Ideology

Dr. Ritwick was born to a very humble doctor family from a small township of Assam. From the very childhood days, he saw his father’s work and commitment to the caring of the poor and the needy. Thant moved him and he decided to contribute to the society as much as he can.  He became very determined to become a heart surgeon and completed his medical school from the Gauhati Medical College and completed masters in General Surgery from the Assam Medical College in the year 2000. However, at that time there was not enough training scope for heart surgery in Assam and he decided to move out and join famous heart surgeon Dr. B. N. Das at the Apollo hospital in Delhi. He subsequently got the M.Ch. in heart surgery from the very prestigious Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute in Trivandrum and then went on for further training in advanced heart surgery from the Royal Adelaide Hospital, Australia.

He then moved to the University Hospital of South Manchester, U.K. for learning recent techniques of a heart transplant and ventricular assist device.

His Ideology to debunk all the myths related to Heart Surgery and Cardiovascular Diseases started taking a form as he decided that the awareness about safe and successful heart surgery should reach the masses across India. Due to his strong determination and dedication to helping the society, Cardiac Surgery Online took birth and this is just a beginning.

By now Dr. Ritwick has performed about 8,000 heart surgeries and associated with approximately 15000 complex heart surgeries.

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