Our mission is to provide best available clinical care, research and facts that advances the practice of heart surgery. We want a common person to know the Whys what’s and How’s of Heart Surgery. We would also like that the cardiac surgeons around the globe to interact through our website and social media to improve knowledge and exchange of technical skills.

The person behind this whole idea of expanding the reach of heart surgery to the masses is Dr. Ritwick Raj Bhuyan; Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgeon, based at Max Hospital. Dr Ritwick and his team of Doctors believe in letting the people know that Heart surgery is not only safe but also economical. His aim of making Heart care & surgeries Economical and available to a common man speaks highly of his code of Ethics.

To Conclude:

  • We provide the platform for surgical quality improvement research focusing on patient safety and high-quality surgical outcomes, particularly in preoperative & post operative processes of personal care.
  • Our actions exemplify our core values of compassion, integrity, respect, pursuit of knowledge, responsibility, and diversity.
  • Inspiring hope and improving the quality of life for heart patients and their families through ongoing peer-to-peer support”.
  • To provide best quality heart surgery to the needy and remove the fear factors of heart surgery from the minds of common people.
  • To educate the society regarding the myths of heart surgery.
  • Updating and organizing medical education camps at various levels in the society.
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